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The List of Most Important Things

No matter what time of year are you planning to leave additional check of weather is a good idea. This will help you to organize your clothes list better and be prepared for unexpected weather conditions (even in the hottest months of summer, rain appears sometimes!).

Websites that we recommend for weather forecasts:

If you plan to visit country, cities that you barely know, it is advised to prepare maps in advance. You won’t be able to find most of the countries and cities maps in Lithuania, therefore you may try to find them on the internet. For simplicity, you can just download various maps and city apps to your smartphone. They will definitely be helpful while trying to orientate in the unknown places.

The apps we recommend to download:

We offer to download the list for “Must-to-pack things” list during the warm period.

Must-to-pack things in summer
We offer to download the list for “Must-to-pack things” list during the cold period.

Must-to-pack things in winter