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Security Control

Passengers proceed to the gate area through security checkpoints. Security control of airline passengers is the responsibility of the aviation authorities and the airports.

Before the security check you must present proof of your intention to travel - a boarding pass issued at the check-in desk.

You are required to place your overcoats, jackets and belts on the conveyer belt for x-ray inspection. Jewelry, watches, coins, wallets, pens, keys and mobile phones should be put in your carry-on bag or jacket pocket. High-heeled shoes often contain a substantial amount of metal, so shoes should also be taken off for x-ray scanning. The security inspectors also inspect the inside of waistbands on pants and skirts for prohibited substances.

A laptop computer must be taken out of its case and placed on the belt separately from the rest of your carry-on baggage.

You are allowed to carry liquids in containers no larger than 100 ml each, packed in one transparent, maximum 1-litre, re-sealable plastic bag. The plastic bag must be presented separately at the security check.