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Privacy Policy

Small Planet Airlines UAB, company code 300659612, having its registered address at J. Basanavičiaus str. 15, LT-03108, Vilnius, and Small Planet Airlines Sp. z o.o., company code 0000342451, having its registered address at Krakowiakow str. 48 Warsaw 02-255, Poland (hereinafter together – Companies) is committed to protecting your privacy, i.e. ensure the safety of your personal information (hereinafter – Information) that you present to Companies in accordance to the requirements of applicable and valid legal acts.
The Companies collect Information, that includes your or the person’s who is represented by your name, last name, address, e-mail address, telephone (mobile) number, information of your personal identification documents (passport or identification card): date and place of issue, date of expiry, credit/debit card or other payment details, information on special care (concerns only those passengers who have specific medical requirements). You present the Information under your free will using the systems indicated below for the following purposes:
  • Web Check-in (hereinafter - WCI) service is available for your use if you wanted to (i) register to the flight performed by the Companies, (ii) chose the seat, (iii) order food in advance, (iv) order seat with additional place for legs, (v) order additional baggage, (vi) order the service of additional equipment transportation, (vii) order quick check-in, (viii) order “Business club” of the particular airport;
  • Customer Claims Management System (CCMS) service is available for you if you had any complaints about the services provided by the Companies and therefore you wanted to file the complaint. The Companies give the possibility to file the complaint via the web page of the Companies, using CCMS.

Moreover, the Companies collect the Information, which you present under your free will by e-mail, registered post, fax, telephone or by coming to one of the Companies (as applicable). The Information received by the above mentioned ways will be placed and stored at CCMS. You have access to the above information and the right to correct them.
Information will be used according to the purposes you presented it to the Companies:
  • The Information presented by using WCI will be used and stored to meet your requirements (please see “Information the Companies collect”), as well as in order to (i) contacting you in the event of a flight time change or cancellation, (ii) credit or other payment card verification and (or) screening, (iii) immigration, customs control safety, (iv) security, health, administrative, crime prevention, detection, legal purposes, (v) statistical analysis, (vi) audit.
  • The Information presenting by using CCMS will be used and stored for the following purposes: (i) examination of the complaint, (ii) the possibility for the Companies to contact you and give the response to your complaint, (iii) the possibility for the Companies to contact you in the event of the additional information receipt, (iv) the possibility for the Companies to contact you in order to cover the financial losses, (v) the possibility for Companies to cover the financial losses, (vi) legal purposes, (vii) statistical analysis, (viii) audit.
By providing us with your personal information, you acknowledge and explicitly consent to the Companies (as applicable), processing your personal data in accordance with this Policy and the relevant laws and regulations, including utilization of the data by the Companies’ employees according to the above mentioned purposes (please see “Information recovery targets”) and in the above mentioned scope.

The Companies manage your Information in accordance to the requirements of applicable and valid legal acts and your free will.

Your Information is stored in the CCMS or WCI systems. If you would like to get information about your passenger registration record or any data stored by the Companies (respectively), about the data processing and data processing entities (if any), or would like to request that your Information would be changed or deleted, please contact the Companies (respectively) directly.
You have the right to refuse to present the personal information. If so, you will automatically (i) waive any complaints in connection to the services provided to you by the Company, (ii) waive the possibility to use WCI, as your personal information is requisite in order to examine your complaint or provide services indicated above (please see “Information the Companies collect”).
Disclosure of your personal Information to other parties may be necessary to ensure the smooth provision of the products, services and information you request. For these and the above mentioned (please see “Information recovery targets”) purposes the Companies may provide your information to other parties who act for us as our data processors for the purposes set out in this policy or for other purposes approved by you.

You are hereby notified of and expressly consent to the disclosure, with no additional notification in relation to such a disclosure, of your personal information by the Companies to the following data processors involved by the Companies. Companies are not liable for any damage arising from the use of your personal data by third parties specified above, to the extent permitted by the mandatory applicable laws. 

The Companies may also pass your information on to government authorities or enforcement bodies upon their request and only as required by the applicable law.

The Companies take all legally required reasonable technical and security measures to ensure the protection and safe storage of your personal information and to protect your personal information from unauthorized access, utilization and being tampered with or unauthorized deletion. The Companies pay special attention to the safe transmission of the personal and financial data. This data is transmitted from your computer to the reservation server of Small Planet Airlines UAB through encrypted channels.
  1. Know about your personal information management;
  2. To access to your personal information and how it is processed;
  3. Require to correct, destroy your personal information or to stop processing operations (except for the storage of your personal information), if the data processed in breach of the applicable provisions in force.
  4. To object to the processing of your data,
  5. To withdraw your consent.
When buying flight tickets the tour operators will provide you with a unique code that you can use at the time of registration for the flight. We recommend that you maintain the confidentiality of this code, because the code disclosure to others can give them access to your personal information that was presented during registration to the flight. All changes, updates, related to this Privacy policy posted in the Companies’ website, is and will be published on this page.

This Privacy policy is effective from 22 April, 2015.