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We agree to carry following types of pets:
  • PETC - pet in cabin – animal (dog or cat) in the container with maximum size 48x32x29 cm and total weight (animal + container) not exceeding 8 kg;
  • An escort dog for passengers with impaired vision/hearing travel in the cabin; no weight restrictions apply. The escort dog must wear a muzzle throughout the duration of the flight;
  • Prior to purchasing a ticket or tourist trip which includes air carriage performed by us, you must inform either us or the agent about transportation of an animal. Excess charges may apply;
  • You must ensure that your animal (dog or cat) is properly placed into the special containers intended for such transportation. Animals transported in the aircraft cabin may not occupy a separate passenger seat but placed under the seat in front of you;
  • The container must be solid, bite-proof, have sufficient openings for breathing, big enough and bottom must be waterproof. The size of the container must allow the animal to stand, to lie in the natural position or freely turn without trouble. The animal must stay in the container during the entire flight. Only that container which may be placed under the passenger seat (under legs) may be allowed into the cabin;
  • Please read our full carriage conditions for further information;
  • PETC are not allowed to be carried to/from DXB, DWC, TFS, LPA, AGA and United Kingdom.