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Games with Other Passengers

Game concepts for adults.
  • Take the sticky notes.
  • Think of any character/historic celebrity and write it down on the paper.

  • Change the papers and stick them to your forehead (while not looking what is written on your paper). Every each of you try to find out one by another, who the character is written on the paper that you have on your forehead: ask only the questions that can be answered only yes/no. These may include such as: “Am I man?”, “Am I Lithuanian?”. The other player gets an opportunity to ask questions about his character only after one player receives a negative answer. 

  • The winner of the game is the first person that reveals the character written on his forehead paper.
  • Think of any word and say it loudly at the same time.

  • Then think of any other word that is associated to the words you heard before.

  • If the words you chose again differ, think of the word that may connect them again.

  • You will win the game at the moment when same word will be said loudly.