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Disabled Passengers 

Acceptance for carriage of incapacitated person or other people that require or may require special assistance is subject to prior arrangement with Small Planet Airlines or the tour operator prior to the purchase of the ticket. The agent prior to selling a ticket to such passenger must receive our confirmation about such service. At your request, we and/or our tour operator will provide all the information about our requirements and the services we provide.

Seat dimensions in our aircrafts:
Seat width between the armrests - 44 cm (17.3 col)
Seat depth - 42 cm (16.7 col)
Seat height - 74.18 cm (29.2 col)

Front row seat dimensions in our aircrafts:
Seat width between the armrests - 43.43 cm (17.1 col)
Seat depth - 36.32 cm (14.3 col)
Seat height - 67.56 cm (26.6 col)
  • Passengers, whom given dimensions of one seat do not provide comfort during trip and those who for any reason are unable to buckle seat belt with the above dimensions are required to purchase additional seat at the available adult fare.
  • Extra-seat reservation is an additional service offered within bookings made directly through Small Planet Airlines or made through tour operator. For more information, please contact tour operator or Small Planet Airlines directly.