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Malaga (Spain)
Banjul (Gambia)
  • Malaga (Spain)
    P7 8045
    Malaga (AGP)
    2018 03 23
  • Banjul (Gambia)
    Banjul (BJL)
    2018 03 23


The aircraft meets all European Union safety requirements.

Each and every company's aircraft is and must be maintained in accordance with an aircraft maintenance program, provided by the aircraft manufacturer. The aircraft can be subject to maintenance only to the technical maintenance company, certified by European standards.

  • Average speed - 840 km/h
  • Average altitude - 11 800 meters (At this altitude visibility can be as good as 375 km in daylight while the sun shines always! If the aircraft climbed another 90 km in altitude, you could officially call yourself an astronaut!)
  • Average range - up to 6000 km for one flight

No stress.
Let yourself rest

Ultra-thin leather Recaro seats are attractive,  comfortable and pleasant to sit in, and provide more space for the legs.  

15 degrees horizontally inclined, the seats adapt to the shape of the body and provide a  comfortable position for rest.
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40% lighter than conventional aircraft seats, Recaro seats add to reduced carbon dioxide emissions and improved quality of the flight.

Recaro engineers managed to lower the seat weight and make the distance between the seats wider due to ergonomic technological solutions, in particular, innovative net material, replacing the previously used foam.

With the cabin update, we have also introduced Premium class seating in order to meet every passengers' needs. Premium service includes extra comfort offers at the airport, exclusive meals during the flight and extra legroom.

Looking for a spacious and comfortable travel?  Reserve your extra legroom seat! Please keep in mind that there is a limited number of extra legroom seats, so contact your tour operator or travel agent immediately or reserve it during online check-in.

Sit back and relax.
Music, movies and wireless network

Every aircraft in our fleet now has modern LED lighting installed. This type of lighting is “greener” and changes colour and intensity during the different phases of flight. It’s also 33% lighter and uses 33% less energy per flight. LED lights contain no toxic materials and are 100% recyclable.
Sit back, relax and join our wireless Air-Fi network with your smart device onboard of every flight! We took care to fill the network with entertainment for every taste.
Each flight should be relaxing and cosy, so we have pillows and blankets onboard of our flights for those who wish to spend their journey sleeping.

In-flight entertainment
for every taste

Spend your flight entertained by our wireless onboard network – connect it via your smart device and start reading magazines and newspapers, playing games or watching fun videos.
Time spent onboard is a perfect opportunity for seeking inspiration. That is why every season we prepare a colourful in-flight magazine for you. Discover your dream country or get to know more about your favourite holiday topics. Take the magazine with you after the flight – may it stay a source of inspiration for you!
We pay extra attention to the little ones onboard while their parents rest – we organize competitions, give out toys, and colouring books. We also have a special menu or some unique offers for the kids, just ask your cabin crew!
Lunch - snacks - drinks
Order your inflight meal in advance!
For your convenience: service priority on board, special selection of meals, lower prices. How to order? Pre-order your meal before the flight and enjoy freshly prepared meals first. Contact your travel agent for pre-order menu or order while checking-in online.
See the meniu
Snacks and drinks during the flight
Relieve your hunger by ordering variety of snacks and beverages from our Sky menu. Please find the menu in your seat pocket or get to know our offers now.
Kids' menu
We show special attention for children on our flights – to make them happy we have prepared the Small menu full of freshly made meals!
With a Small Planet Airlines, holidays start right in the aircraft, therefore, you'll never fall short of entertainment options during the flight!

Make yourself comfortable in our new Recaro seats and dive in wireless entertainment – with only your smart device or laptop you can read magazines and newspapers, play games and watch funny videos. For your inspiration, we have also prepared a colourful flight magazine. And we pay extra attention to the little ones onboard while their parents rest – we organize competitions, give out toys, and colouring books.
Cabin crew undergoes a carefully designed training programme
to keep your holiday spirit high
Every year hundreds of cabin crew members join Small Planet Airlines. By carefully selecting the right people for the job we look for courage, creativity, hospitability, friendliness, respect and tolerance – innate rather than phoney characteristics.

We create a friendly learning environment for each and every new team member because we believe it to be the best catalyst of gaining new skills and taking over the know-how. Experienced and knowledgeable professionals, who are able to adapt to the changes of nowadays and include new people in team activities, train our new cabin crew.
Experienced pilots responsibly
ensure flight safety
Professionalism, dependability, ability to communicate and a cold mind, as well as some good sense of humour, are the qualities that we expect from our pilots. Cockpit crew takes care that every flight is to proceed smoothly and safely. Our flights are performed by experienced pilots, some of which have as much as 40 years of flight experience. Two flight crew members have to be present at the cockpit at all times during the flight – this practice is applied since the company's inception.

We appreciate your opinion

Were you satisfied with our performance during your flight? Or was something out of order? We appreciate your feedback because it inspires us to grow and improve our services.

Just come back to Flight Schedule with your flight number after your trip and fill out our feedback or claim form. As well these forms can be found in section "About Small Planet Airlines".