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The check-in opens 72 hours and closes 4 hours before scheduled departure time. You can check-in only to flights from/to Vilnius, except the following ones: S5-3506 Bodrum-Vilnius, S5-3732 Cagliari-Vilnius, S5-3422 / S5-3754 Catania-Vilnius, S5-3392 Almeria-Vilnius, S5-3378 Zakynthos-Vilnius, S5-3312 Funchal-Vilnius, S5-3362 Faro-Vilnius, S5-3317/8 Vilnius-Cape Verde-Vilnius

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Check-in counters at the airport open 2 hours before scheduled departure time.

Check-in information
Online check-in is closed. What do I do? If your online check-in is already closed, you can check-in at the departure airport.

Please arrive at the airport at least 2 hours prior to your scheduled departure to allow time for check-in. You will find the correct check-in desks for your flight displayed on the airport monitors.

Have your personal document with you during check-in. A printed check-in confirmation is necessary only for flights from/to the UK.

Check-in is completed 40 minutes prior to the scheduled departure of the flight at Vilnius Airport. Please check other airports information about check-in deadlines. You must allow ample time to comply with the check-in deadlines and perform all formalities related to the flight.

We reserve the right to cancel your reservation and refuse to carry you without providing any compensation if you do not comply with the check-in deadlines indicated. You are considered to have checked-in for the flight when you receive a boarding pass.