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Bali or Macau? Small Planet Airlines expands its Asian route map
Leisure charter carrier Small Planet Airlines Co. Ltd. is expanding its Asian route map. The Cambodian-based company will fly tourists from its bases in Siem Reap and Palau to a variety of destinations ranging from Bali and Taipei to Macau or Hong Kong – the airports that also serve as major transit hubs in the region.

From its main Cambodian base in Siem Reap, Small Planet Airlines will take off to the glamorous casinos-city Macau and Taipei – the Taiwanese capital, offering holidaymakers the famous breath-taking views from its iconic skyscrapers. By the way, the airline’s base in Siem Reap is no less popular – it houses the world-famous temples of Angkor Wat and offers vibrant nightlife on the city’s Pub Street.

The secondary base in Palau invites diving enthusiasts and offers a dip in the pristine waters of Jellyfish Lake. The Small Planet Airlines Airbus A320 aircraft will take off from Palau to Hong Kong, Asia’s bustling financial metropolis, the Taiwanese capital of Taipei, and Macau.  

From Macau international airport, travellers will reach numerous landmarks in the region – from jungle, rice terrace and beach-famous Bali, to one of the finest deep-water harbours in the world in Cam Ranh, Vietnam. In the near future, flights will also take off to Kota Kinabalu in Malaysia, known for its traditional markets and scenic views.

At the moment, Small Planet Airlines Co. Ltd. operates a fleet of two Airbus A320 aircraft. The number is estimated to grow to six or even eight aircraft by the end of 2018.