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We make sure that holidays start from the first minutes onboard 

Charter airlines are not exactly famous for great passenger service. After all, they sell their services on the lowest price to package holiday companies, and travelers have weaned off to expect anything but to be transported from point A to point B. It is different with Small Planet Airlines. We make sure holidays start onboard of our flights.

You are our long awaited guest 

There would be no us without you, so we make sure that every flight is a little celebration. The captain will never miss an opportunity to tell you more about the flight directly from the cockpit while our cabin crew will do everything to surprise you by offering freshly made food or entertainment options.

Our crew consists of people who are professional and love their job. It’s their pleasure to greet you onboard and escort you in a good mood after the flight. We do not try to astonish with luxury, but we do everything that your comfort and safety would be taken care of.

Our crew members make sure that you feel safe and at ease. Flight safety is a key priority for us – here we do not compromise. Feel free to contact a crew member, if you feel uncomfortable, or you encounter an unexpected problem – the aid will be granted immediately.
Cabin crew undergoes a carefully designed training programme
to keep your holiday spirit high
Every year hundreds of cabin crew members join Small Planet Airlines. By carefully selecting the right people for the job we look for courage, creativity, hospitability, friendliness, respect and tolerance – innate rather than phoney characteristics.

We create a friendly learning environment for each and every new team member because we believe it to be the best catalyst of gaining new skills and taking over the know-how. Experienced and knowledgeable professionals, who are able to adapt to the changes of nowadays and include new people in team activities, train our new cabin crew. 
Experienced pilots responsibly
ensure flight safety
Professionalism, dependability, ability to communicate and a cold mind, as well as some good sense of humour, are the qualities that we expect from our pilots. Cockpit crew takes care that every flight is to proceed smoothly and safely. Our flights are performed by experienced pilots, some of which have as much as 40 years of flight experience. Two flight crew members have to be present at the cockpit at all times during the flight – this practice is applied since the company's inception.