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Experienced cabin crew
Small Planet Airlines is a European leisure carrier that believes in bringing change, quality and a bit of fun in the airline business.
Experienced cabin crew
  • To guarantee the safety on board of the aircraft
  • Looking after our passengers
  • Perform the catering service on board
  • A lovely smile
  • Working experience as a cabin crew
  • Cabin Crew Attestation issued in accordance with EASA PART-CC form 142 issue 1
  • An EU passport allowing unlimited travelling
  • Swim
  • Speak and read fluent Dutch and English
  • Work in flexible times, including the weekends
Apply till May 31
Location The Netherlands
Why not to try?
Send us your CV ( in English with a latest profile picture. Do not forget to indicate on subject line: “Cabin Crew, Amsterdam”.
Only selected candidates will be informed.
Cabin Crew Division
Our cabin crew consist of professionals who love their job and are always pleased to warmly welcome you on board. Rather than trying to impress you with luxury, we are taking care to make your flight comfortable and safe.
One of the best things in life is doing your job with a great joy because you are surrounded by your friends. I am a part of Small Planet Airlines for 4 years – we are a growing, open, colourful and attentive to passengers (especially children!) company.
- PAULA KUPINSKA, Senior Cabin Crew in Poland
Stability is one of the most important values to me. I feel safe here, and this is why I have been taking off with our youthful and friendly team, and holiday takers to many destinations around the world.
- PIOTR WOJCIECHOWSKI, Senior Cabin Crew in Poland
We stand out because we are rigid, open and love our passengers a lot. Small Planet Airlines isn’t a small company, nor a large corporation – it feels as if we work with friends. For 6 years I have been feeling at home here.
- LUKASZ ZERA, Senior Cabin Crew in Poland
I have left journalism in order to dive into this multicultural experience and never looked back. We as cabin crew are the face of the company and working at Small Planet Airlines feels nothing like a routine but rather a pleasant lifestyle.
- OVIDIJUS VIŠNIAUSKAS, Senior Cabin Crew in Lithuania
There is a saying that life smiles at happy people and it certainly has smiled at me – I have found my freedom and lifestyle philosophy when I joined Small Planet Airlines 8 years ago.
- KIRIL KITOV, Senior Cabin Crew in Lithuania
In 10 years people will react to Small Planet Airlines with a WOW! This company has attracted exceptional employees, therefore, we can really call ourselves its lucky card. And I am not afraid to say – I feel so good here!
- DAVID GRIGORIAN, Senior Cabin Crew in Lithuania
I can’t even say the number of countries I have visited with Small Planet Airlines – and each of these trips gave me unique experience and good memories. You know what’s romantic? Small Planet Airlines aircraft in Bali – that’s more than beautiful!
- RAMUTĖ SAVELJEVIENĖ, Senior Cabin Crew in Lithuania
I believe that the only way to do great work is to love what you do. In SPA I‘m practising this every day!
- MONIKA STOKUTĖ, Head of Cabin Crew Division in Lithuania