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Our colourful brand represents our nature and the way we work. Small Planet Airlines has the aim to be a different leisure airline driven by a simple and powerful question that is rarely asked in boardrooms of the airlines: a “Why not?” question.  “Why?” is a bad question. “Why not?” is a great question. A question that opens airline business for a change and a bit of fun. After all, this world has got enough of boring airlines already. Now we are looking for a team member eager to ask this question!
Customer care specialist (Fluent in German)
We are looking for a person to join our Customer care team.
Office Administrator
We are looking for an Office Administrator to join our team in Warsaw. 
Poland and Germany
A320 First Officer
We are looking for Airbus A320 First Officers to join our team.
Poland, Germany and France
A320 Captain
We are looking for Airbus A320 Captains to join our team.
Ground Operations Specialist
We are looking for a Ground Operations Specialist to join our team in Warsaw.
Flight Operations Specialist
We are looking for a Flight Operations Specialist to join our team in Warsaw. 
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We have a great variety of colleagues. Did not find the job adverstisement that may suit you? Take a look at the list of our departments, perhaps you will find the position of your interest?
No jobs available
Finance department
Analyse the past, learn from it and foresee the future – these are the main everyday tasks of our department team.
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Administration and human resource department
We have one big goal – to make Small Planet Airlines a Lovable Place to Work.
No jobs available
Sales department
Sales, sales and once again, sales – as if we were at the front line, representing our magnificent Airbus A320 and A321.
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Cabin crew
Our cabin crew consist of professionals who love their job and are always pleased to warmly welcome you on board.
No jobs available
Legal department
We help the company to create an added business value and we have a number of tools to achieve it.
No jobs available
Safety department
We are the ones who are responsible for the safety control system and one of our main tasks is to observe and evaluate.
No jobs available
Compliance department
High standards are compulsory rather than preferable at Small Planet Airlines.
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Ground operations department
We are prepared to give our full attention to our dear clients – we organise and coordinate the service of our aircraft and customer service.
No jobs available
Training department
Professional cabin crew operation, impressive customer service and safety assurance for every passenger starts from painstaking cabin crew training.
No jobs available
CAMO department
We ensure that Small Planet Airlines passengers feel safe in our aircraft.
No jobs available
IT department
Our goal – provide IT service and make all Small Planet Airlines operations as effective as possible.
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Flight operations department
Our main duty is to organise safe and effective flights.
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Professionalism, dependability, ability to communicate and a cold mind, as well as some good sense of humour, are the qualities that we expect from our pilots.
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Marketing department
The client is the centre of our world.