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Career at Small Planet Airlines
Lovable place to work
% bigger in just a year - that's how much our staff has grown since May 2017
years is the average age of our colleagues
is the number of airports we've landed in in 2017
times we could travel around the world if summing up the total flight distance in 2017

Our values

  • Always hungry for the new. New markets, new product and service ideas, new business models: we are always in search for the new. Curious, looking for inspiration in unexpected places, we nurture ideas and don’t resort to a quick “no”.
  • Dare to be different. “Nobody has done it before” is exactly what we want to do. We are thrilled and never discouraged by difficulties. We sometimes fail, but we get over it quickly and then make it work. After all, HBR or Fortune don’t write about regular companies.
  • Make it happen. It's not enough to dream up new things; we work from A to Z to make them happen and push through obstacles that come our way. We believe nothing is impossible unless it compromises safety or falls on the dark side. 
  • Safety first. We don’t pay lip service to safety. It’s everyone’s job and duty to observe, identify and report safety hazards. And we never compromise on safety. Never whatsoever.
  • Save proudly. A little bit of here and a little bit of there – costs pile quickly in our business. Every item is good for examining; every cost is good for cutting. We take pride in getting our costs down.
  • Choose the right pace. We celebrate the pace of action but we know the value of doing clever decisions; from time to time we need to pause to make very important decisions because they will fundamentally influence our lives tomorrow. Our business is not about being fast or slow. It is about choosing the right pace for the job at hand.
Fun lovin‘
team players
  • Win together and lose together. We are as strong as the weakest link is. There is no point in witch-hunting, but there is a point in helping people facing difficulties to come on strong. And there is point in noticing and praising a great job done.
  • Respect the individual. We are direct and frank, but never rude or insulting. We listen with empathy and give people space to express themselves. We got two ears and one mouth and we use them in the same proportion. 
  • Remember three sides of talk. First, we thrive on information. Whatever we got to share we share. Second, we make it easier for each other by sharing in a concise manner, not going round and round. Third, we stand behind our words with actions – other people rely on what we say!
  • A bit of fun doesn’t harm anyone. We are down-to-earth, unpretentious people. If you have a great sense of humor and solve a problem with a bit of joke, you will not only save a few gray hairs, but also will receive some extra points.
  • Act without being told what to do. We anticipate the needs, take initiative beyond our job descriptions and walk that extra mile to make the difference. We thrive on freedom and prefer context understanding and mandate to instructions. 
  • Stick to discipline. We are always more excited in the idea on the starting phase. Yet we understand that nothing gets done if we don’t carry through all the bits of our work, even the boring ones. We keep the deadlines. And being simply organized helps.

Our people

What makes a workplace really great? It’s the colleagues who strive to be the best at their job. These colleagues not only inspire each other – they never refuse to lend a helping hand when problems occur, they always ask for an advice when faced with difficulties, they are always prepared to take that extra step to make the processes smoother, and last but not least – always keep their word. There’s nothing impossible for a team made of these colleagues. They have more freedom because they are worth it – they do not need instructions to know what to do. Besides, they show more initiative than it is asked. These are the people who value the result as much as the means to achieve it.

Would like to know more about us? Meet a part of our great managers team!

CEO of Small Planet Group
Small Planet Airlines for me is the true fulfilment of myself and my ideas. What fascinates me, even more, is to see our whole team doing the same – we achieve results as a team while at the same time each of us fulfilling our own personal calling.

COO of Small Planet Airlines UAB
It is the company which I love and believe in. It’s a hobby, a beloved job and amusing colleagues. Where will the future take us? I image an international billion-euro company, which is still playful and charming. One of my main goals is to help to achieve this objective.

CEO of Small Planet Airlines GmbH
I have never seen an attitude so young and fresh. One of the main reasons for our success is thinking beyond obvious goals and creating missions, visions and ambitious plans.

CEO of Small Planet Airlines Sp. z o. o.

CEO of Small Planet Airlines Co. Ltd.

CEO of Small Planet Airlines UAB
Before joining SPA I’ve been leading Lithuanian subsidiaries of two large American tech corporations – Oracle and Microsoft. It wouldn’t be fair to draw a direct comparison among those two companies and SPA, but one thing is for sure – tech corps are selling virtual clouds, but we at SPA are flying across the real clouds and only sky is our limit!