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A past teammate of an F1 Legend joins the Management of Small Planet Airlines

Erich Ceru has joined the top management of leisure carrier Small Planet Airlines, bringing extensive experience in aviation. Erich Ceru helped the multiple F1 champion Niki Lauda to develop the business activities of airline FlyNiki.

Austrian professional Erich Ceru (53 years old) will be Chief Technical Officer at Small Planet Airlines, taking responsibility for the strategy of the aircraft fleet and the technical-maintenance system.

“This year our fleet has increased by 4 aircraft, up to 15 aircraft in total. To manage such growth we need top-level professionals, hence we constantly strengthen our team” says Vytautas Kaikaris, the CEO of Small Planet Airlines. “Area of technical maintenance is of special importance to us, therefore we searched for the right person amongst the very best in Europe. We are very happy that a professional such as Erich, with a wealth of experience, has decided to pursue a career in Lithuania.”

Erich Ceru has worked in aviation for 23 years and has held management positions at various airlines. He is also a certified technical-maintenance engineer for Airbus, Boeing and Embraer.

The most interesting episode in Erich’s career has been his work for F1 legend Niki Lauda’s airlines Lauda Air and FlyNiki, which was later sold to Air Berlin. Niki Lauda’s airlines were famous for high-quality customer service and impeccable technical maintenance of the aircraft fleet. Erich Ceru started his career as Quality Assurance Inspector and Certifying Maintenance Staff in 1991.  After Austrian Airlines and Lauda Air were merged, he was appointed as Quality Manager for Boeing aircraft in 2001. In 2004 he moved to Niki Lauda again to support and develop the new Airline FlyNiki as Technical Director and managed the company’s technical department for eight years. He recently worked as Technical Maintenance Director for JOB AIR Technic and as Maintenance Director for the Swiss company Sky Works Airlines.

“I joined Small Planet Airlines due to its interesting business model where it deploys aircraft between Europe and Asia depending on a season. I was also impressed by a young and flexible management team that is open for new ideas. My personal goal is to help the company to grow and share the knowledge that I gained at previous airlines. I believe that my experience from the creation and development of FlyNiki will be extremely valuable,” says the new Technical Director of Small Planet Airlines.